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Crowdsourcing Aids Data Collection

Wake Forest University

Appearing friendly and engaging, it’s easy to see why Garneau has been invited to speak at numerous venues,  such as TEDxMileHigh, NPR and now Wake Forest. Throughout the presentation, she interacted with the audience, pulling examples from local research and calling on audience members by name. This seminar was part of a weekly series in the Department of Biology, bringing presenters with a range of expertise to speak on campus every Monday.

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Hate IPAs? It’s Because Your Genetics Programmed You To Dislike Bitter Beers.


A combination of human instinct, DNA and learned behavior determines whether you love or loathe hoppy brews.

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Conducting Sweet Citizen Science-Based Research on the Genetics of Taste


In this interview, Nicole chats about some of her experiences in life and science.

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Taking Taste Tests to the Next Level

ColoradoBiz Magazine

Savory and Sour Taste Study

Fox 31 News

Morning News Segment

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The Human Biology Collection

The Brain Scoop

We're hittin' the road, from The Field Museum to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. In this first video, I get to visit one of the most unique collections I've ever seen in a natural history museum, AND guess what, I'm actually going to become their latest donation. What!

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