Why It’s Unfair to Label Kids as “Picky Eaters”

Dr. Nicole Garneau 02/25/2019

We all know vegetables are good for our kids and for us, but there is no denying that the taste can be off-putting. And believe it or not, kids get an unfair bad rep for being picky. When in fact, their bodies are doing exactly what evolution has intended. “Be wary!” it says, “those bitter things might kill you!” As funny as it sounds, it’s true.

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For the Love of Candy (The Science of Sweet)

Alex Zelaya 10/29/2018

The celebration of Halloween has long been paired with spooky costumes and devilish amounts of candy. But just how much sugar does the average American child eat on Halloween? According to Insider it’s nearly 384 grams, which translates to about 3 cups of sugar. The average American consumes roughly 22.7 teaspoons of sugar each day. That is a third of the Halloween average, but on a daily basis. Why is it that we consume so much? One would think we eat this much candy because it’s Halloween and that’s what you do, but science says that is only part of the reason.

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