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In business, as in life, it's the difficult topics that risk driving us apart. But when we come together around a common starting point, we find that instead of walls, we can build bridges. There is arguably nothing more satisfying in bringing people together than food and drink. Everyone eats, and it is a unifying force for tackling even the most difficult of topics. Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Garneau, and I use guided tastings backed by the science of flavor to make difficult topics fun, accessible, humorous and interactive, all in demonstration that you are unique to what you bring to the table, and together you can do great things.

After a decade of running the community-based Genetics of Taste Lab, a successful woman in science, a serial entrepreneur, and a proud Coloradoan by way of Maine, I have learned to use a humorous and heartfelt interplay of science, vulnerable storytelling, effective tools to bring people together as a foundation for solving our hardest problems. Reach out to me today to learn about how I can help you and your team at your next event, and help your audiences to achieve their goals of self actualization, team empowerment, and in doing so move forward on their goals.

Long Bio

Described as having uncompromising science chops with the ability to entertain and excite, Dr. Garneau creatively weaves science, humor, and vulnerable storytelling through what she calls Edutainment with a Purpose. Her novel delivery onstage includes interactive taste experiments. This interplay helps make difficult topics not only accessible, but fun, in a personally meaningful way, leaving audiences radiating with new insights.

As a trained geneticist, Dr. Garneau’s interest in taste stems from wanting to understand the ways in which we are all alike, as much as recognizing the intriguing aspects that make us unique. Her engaging style shines a light on the topics of genetics, learned behavior and the intangible human element. These intimate discussions are a fascinating way to explore self and therefore explore bias, as we are the products of our cultural upbringing, nostalgia, risk-tolerance, and social reinforcement. In this way, learning more from Dr. Garneau about how you are unique in your perception of taste can also open doors to how you are unique in your perception of the world. This awareness unites audiences. It imparts confidence, kindles the entrepreneurial spirit, and empowers us all to believe in the value and success of ourselves and our teams.

Growing up in Maine, Dr. Garneau began her scientific career as a teenager as lab tech for the shellfish industry. Lovable nerd at heart, while her peers spent their last free summer at the beach, Garneau attended the NSF's National Youth Science Camp. She went on to get her BA in Genetics from Rutgers College, and then pursued her doctorate in Genetics and Microbiology from Colorado State University. This expertise, paired with her talents in science communication, led her to land the prestigious position of curator of human health at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where she led the Genetics of Taste Lab for 10 years and as the lead scientific advisor, helped launched the Curiosity Cruiser (mobile taste lab). Dr. Garneau is a serial entrepreneur, co-author of the internationally acclaimed Beer Flavor Map, and co-founder of the software company DraughtLab. In addition her keynote speaking and startup experience, she frequently serves as a technical speaker and consultant to food and beverage companies.

Dr. Garneau is a CiviCO 2020 Governors Fellow, was named one of the top 5 most influential young professionals in Colorado, and a repeat finalist for the AAAS Early Career Award for Public Engagement in Science. She has the honor of being an invited presenter stateside at TEDxMileHigh, the Great American Beer Festival, and many scientific conferences, and a featured speaker abroad in Turkey, Sweden, and Mexico. She has done numerous interviews for TV, radio, and on-line, including NPR’s TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz, The Brain Scoop with Emily Graslie, and the People Behind the Science with Dr. Marie McNeely. When she's not on stage, you can find Dr. Garneau hiking, camping and rafting with her daughter Georgia, husband Stewart, and their Australian cattle dog, Greta. Visit to sign up for monthly Taste of Life tips, and stay in touch through social platforms @DocGarneau.

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