Nicole Garneau Beer Event at DMNS in Denver, Colorado on March 2, 2017.


Keynote: The Neuroscience of Happiness

Happiness feels elusive to many people and it is notoriously hard to define. I asked of family, friends and even strangers I met on the street what they meant by being happy, or wanting their kids to be happy. They struggled to answer, just as scientists, psychologists and spiritual leaders have struggled for centuries. In the Book of Joy, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu argue that happiness is due to external reward, while joy is internal and lasting. It’s true that what brings someone temporary external happiness may vary. But what allows us to obtain long lasting inner happiness (joy in being alive) comes down to one thing, being at peace enough with ourselves to love and be loved: human connection. Join us for this humor-filled keynote as Dr. Garneau shares her confessions of depression and happiness.

Workshop: Biting into Bias

We are all unique in what we bring to the table. On teams, just like in life though, we sometimes overlook unique talents because of unconscious bias. It takes a lot to be vulnerable and recognize that our life views and experiences makes us each a bit less open and inclusive. But shame gets you no where. That’s where food, drink and humor enters. In this fun and non-threatening way, organizations can more effectively recognize, respect and utilize the diverse talents each team member brings to the table, and keep the conversation going long after the last bite.

Disclaimer: This is not a DE&I training. I know and work with amazing DE&I trainers and am happy to make recomendatorios. This workshop is a great add-on to these trainings in order to lighten the load and build team comradery in a fun and non-traditional way.


Pre-FDA Scientific Reports

Dr. Nicole will conduct both the regulatory and scientific literature research to create and delivery a scientific report for your product. Research topics may include regulations, efficacy and safety, ingredient contributions to flavor, and chemical interactions, based solely on existing scientific literature and publicly available information about the product ingredients, in order to make recommendations to make decisions necessary to create labeling, marketing material, and for application to the FDA. Flat fee for service upon request.

Food & Beverage Industry Trainings

Customized consulting to address your unique needs in a 360 degree approach. This service includes an in-depth needs assessment, followed by customized planning to address the following areas: product development, sensory testing, and quality control, production systems, growth management, internal communication, and strategic planning. A two-day interactive training (online or onsite) includes both general sessions for all employees and specialized sessions for specific divisions and departments. Please reach out to schedule a free discovery session.

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