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Your Friendly Scientist Next Door

Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole, and I bring science to the table to help you and your company succeed. In terms of product development, I consult with companies to create scientific reports that you can actually understand, and recommendations tailor-made for strategy development and commercialization. And when it comes to presenting, I pride myself on my authentic storytelling and the referrals that bring people to my door, saying they heard I was a scientist that could make complex topics understandable, and tough topics accessible.

Soulful Scientist's Guide To

Go deeper into understanding yourself and your life through the lens of mental health. If you are looking for a safe place to explore neurodiversity (with a focus on depression and anxiety), this resource was made for you. You will be empowered to take action now, gaining concrete tools from both science and soul, in order to evolve your thinking and behavior, to live with more peace and less shame.

Motivational Keynote

If you are a meeting planner, and you want an enrapt audience that walks away empowered by science, emboldened by vulnerability, and unified by soul-forward and science-backed tools, this is the neurodiversity talk in which you’ve been searching. The Neuroscience of Happiness (Confessions of a Depressed Scientist) weaves humor and science with a compassionate take-away.

Scientific Consulting

Scientific articles, on top of navigating the FDA, is enough to make your head spin. Save your sanity and let Dr. Nicole take it off your plate. Contact her now to schedule a free discovery session. Services include researching and compiling scientific literature and regulations into an understandable scientific report and optional presentation for your development and marketing phases.

What I Bring to the Table

As a successful woman in science, a serial entrepreneur, a 2020 Governors Fellow, and a proud Coloradoan (with Maine roots), I have learned to use a humorous and heartfelt interplay of science, vulnerable storytelling, and effective tools to bring people together as a foundation for solving our hardest problems.  In my scientific consulting, I help companies in product development to dig into the science in ways to support successful commercialization. Whether you are looking for storytelling with a science twist, or science and regulation strategy for your product, reach out to me today to learn about how I can help.

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Dr. Nicole Garneau | Why Choose Dr. Garneau

Why Choose Dr. Nicole

The proof is in the pudding: TEDx alum, rave reviews, repeat clientele, and referral after referral.

Named a top 5 influential young professionals based on her work and belief that when we learn together, we rise together.

Over a decade of experience and appreciation of working with meeting professionals, Dr. Nicole appreciates the back end of events and will be your biggest advocate.