I speak to empower my audiences. Whether it’s a fun, guided, in-person whiskey tasting for a corporate team building retreat, or a motivational keynote webinar for women in science, I show up 100% invested to meet the needs of you, your team, and your event.

Dr. Nicole Garneau | Corporate Training

Building a Dream Team

These interactive team building sessions (in-person or virtual)  will take your team to new levels of self-discovery. Using flavor as a safe entry into why differences matter,  employees will leave knowing and appreciating how they are unique in what they bring to the table.

Motivational Keynotes

These powerful keynotes weave vulnerable storytelling and tools for strengthening yourself and your impact. Every session is customized to empower your unique audience to help them see, embrace and share their gifts and value with the world.

Scientific Consulting

Sometimes you need someone without an iron in the fire to synthesize complex scientific literature into something useful to support a streamlined and successful product development and marketing phases. Services include training,  consulting, and scientific client reports.

Your friendly scientist next door

In business, as in life, it’s the difficult topics that risk driving us apart. But when we come together around a common starting point, we find that instead of walls, we can build bridges. There is arguably nothing more satisfying in bringing people together than food and drink. Everyone eats, and it is a unifying force for tackling even the most difficult of topics. Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole , and I use taste science to make difficult topics fun, accessible, humorous and interactive, all in demonstration that you are unique to what you bring to the table, and by appreciating this in yourself and in others, you can do great things.

As a successful woman in science, a serial entrepreneur, CIVICO Governors Fellow, and a proud Coloradoan (with Maine roots), I have learned to use a humorous and heartfelt interplay of science, vulnerable storytelling, and effective tools to bring people together as a foundation for solving our hardest problems. Reach out to me today to learn about how I can help you and your team at your next event, and help your audiences to achieve their goals of self-actualization, team empowerment, and in doing so move forward on their goals, and create a lasting impact.

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Dr. Nicole Garneau | Why Choose Dr. Garneau

Why Choose Dr. Nicole

The proof is in the pudding: TEDx alum, rave reviews, repeat clientele, and referral after referral.

Named a top 5 influential young professionals based on her work and belief that when we learn together, we rise together.

Over a decade of experience and appreciation of working with meeting professionals, Dr. Nicole appreciates the back end of events and will be your biggest advocate.